The British Sociological Association and the Work, employment & society Editorial Board are pleased to announce that the WES Conference 2016 will be hosted by the University of Leeds. 

The thematic focus of the 2016 conference at the University of Leeds will be 'Work in Crisis'. It is now clear that the impact of the global financial crisis has not only been profound, but enduring. Economic recovery has been slow. The crisis has not led to any fundamental reappraisal of the nature of capitalism, or how to 'govern' it. Instead, governments have sought to impose austerity and erode social protections. For the majority in work real wages have fallen, pensions have been eroded and precarity has become more pervasive, while those without employment have been subject to ever more punitive sanctions. Inequalities have been and are set to continue increasing. 

Keynote speakers

Plenary Speakers

Changing forms of work, worker organisation and protest: a global perspective

  • Anne Alexander (University of Cambridge)
  • Kate Hardy (University of Leeds)
  • Professor John Kelly (Birkbeck, University of London)

Disparities: rich and poor in times of austerity

  • Professor Andrew Sayer (Lancaster University)
  • Professor Tracy Shildrick (University of Leeds)
  • Professor Imogen Tyler (Lancaster University)

The EU in crisis: work, financialisation and the state

  • Professor Costas Lapavitsas (SOAS, University of London)
  • Professor Engelbert Stockhammer (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University London)
  • Associate Professor Janine Leschke (Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School)

Organising Team: Professor Mark Stuart, Professor Jennifer Tomlinson, Dr Gabriella Alberti, Dr Ioulia Bessa, Professor Irena Grugulis, Dr Kate Hardy, Dr Jo Ingold, Dr Charles Umney, Dr Vera Trappmann