The objectives of the Group are as follows:

  • To foster sociological exploration of the health and healthcare experiences of ethnic and religious minorities.
  • To initiate inter- and multi- disciplinary dialogue between researchers and practitioners (working in the public and voluntary/community sectors) in the field of minority health.

As a Special Interest Group, we will:

  • Create a Group mailing list so that members can advertise and promote research activities, events and employment opportunities relating to minority health.
  • Grow the Group membership by holding thematic events at the BSA and Medical Sociological Annual Conferences.
  • Seek out opportunities to engage with the public on the topic of minority health.
  • Generate publishing opportunities for the Group members on the topic of minority health.
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate with other BSA groups i.e. the BSA Ethnicity and Race Stream.

Establishment of the Ethnic and Religious Minorities Health Special Interest Group supports the BSA’s commitment to equality and diversity.