North East Medical Sociology Study Group

Within the North East of England there is considerable strength in research related to health, wellbeing and the provision of health services, with all of the five HE institutions (Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland and Teesside) hosting Centres, Institutes and individual academics working on health and health service issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives. There are also a large number of postgraduate researchers currently undertaking theses in the area. The North East has a number of active research sociologists across the region and is host to a UKCRC funded Public Health Centre of Excellence, FUSE, which acts as a considerable hub for work on public health issues, but work on clinical aspects of health is also undertaken in the Medical Schools and throughout the region in areas related to professions allied to health.  It is our belief that sociology has a central part to play in, for instance, the study of the delivery of health services, health promotion and public health approaches, the way in which the health workforce is developed and utilised, and the lived experience of health and illness among the communities in the region.

Read the North East Medical Sociology Study Group Annual Report.