Teaching Study Group Event Archive

University of Sheffield Conference Presentations - 8 July 2016

Sociology update 2015/2016 by Patrick Robinson


The Micropolitics of Obesity by Nick Fox

OCR Sociology handout


University of East London, Stratford Regional Conference Presentations - 29 May 2015

Capital and Accumulation: rethinking social class for the 21st century by Mike Savage


Researching families across contexts: ethical and methodological reflections on the study of everyday lives by Professor Janet Boddy

GCE AS/A level Sociology from 2015 by Joanna Lewis


Sociology update by Patrick Robinson

AQA Sociology presentation by Lydia Rushton



Becoming-Woman by Practising Autofiction: Narratives of Memory-Work Applied to the Vindication of a Female Identity by Nacho Diaz-Vazquez 

Thinking Intersectionally: Taking the Sociology Lecture Outside the Classroom by Rumana Hashem



‘Because we are the first generation to be here’: Exploring the experiences of Higher Education of British-born Bangladeshi Women by Berenice Scandone 

Students' reasons for choosing Sociology A level and the advice they are given by Helen Hemmings




Birmingham City University Regional Conference Presentations - 28 February 2015

Sociology Update on new topics for 2015: Subject content and Teaching Ideas by Patrick Robinson


Studying 'race' from another angle: the sociology of whiteness by Steve Garner

Decolonising the Canon: Contextualising Black Studies in Britain by Lisa Amanda Palmer


New OCR GCE Sociology by Ewan Brady

AQA Sociology presentation by Lydia Rushton


GCE AS/A Level Sociology from 2015 by Joanna Lewis

University of Surrey Regional Conference Presentations - 31 May 2014

Understanding the role of Social Media in Contemporary Society by Chris Hine 


The Significance of Educational and Welfare Policies for the Experiences of Higher Education Students with Dependent Children by Rachel Brooks 

Teaching A Level Sociology by Jayne Kumi 


Critical Thinking and A Level Sociology by Charlie Masquelier 

Assessing the Impact of Hate: Findings from a Large-Scale Hate Crime Victimisation Survey by John Garland