Gender Study Group

Why Gender, Why Now?  Despite the long-standing centrality of gender to sociological theory and research, and the extensive number of sociologists working around gender, Gender Programmes are closing or being subsumed under other substantive schools within the social sciences and humanities. Subsequently, sociologists working conceptually and substantively on gender rarely have a scholarly network in which to situate their work.  This Gender Study Group provides a focal point for scholars, researchers and postgraduate students whose work variously concerns gender. We wish to promote dialogue across the broad range of gender theory and research concerns in contemporary sociology, including but not restricted to femininities/masculinities; transgender and gender diversity; gendered structures and practices of agency; gender and globalisation; gendered law, policy and citizenship; gender and affect; gender in relational contexts; embodied genders; gender and intersectionality (gender and – class/status, sexuality, age, race and ethnicity, space and place).