Equality Lecture Archive

These events are jointly hosted by the British Sociological Association and The British Library and were introduced in 2011.

25 October 2018 - Social Justice, Exclusion and White Privilege in Universities
Kalwant Bhopal
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23 October 2017 - The Persistence of Gender Inequality
Mary Evans
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24 October 2016 - Why We Can’t Afford the Rich
Andrew Sayer
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22 June 2015 - On Liberty
Shami Chakrabarti
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30 May 2014 - Enabling Equality: from disabling barriers to equal participation
Tom Shakespeare 
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15 April 2013 - The Art of Association: the formation of egalitarian social capital
Danielle Allen
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25 June 2012 - What's So Good About Being More Equal?
Professor Danny Dorling, University of Sheffield
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27 June 2011 - The Spirit Level
Professor Richard Wilkinson, the Equality Trust