Forthcoming Events

4 December 2020
Auto/Biography and Community: BSA Auto/Biography Christmas Conference 2020
Virtual Conference Via Zoom

7 January 2021 (17:00-18:00)
Reading Group: Paper Title: The Broken Chain (Christine Lewis from Edgehill)

4 February 2021 (17:00-18:00)
Seminar/Reading Group: Paper to be confirmed

4 March 2021 (17:00-18:00)
Seminar/Reading Group: Paper to be confirmed

Past Events

5 November 2020 (17:00-18:00)
Seminar: Lockdown Moments: Doing Auto/Biography
16-18 July 2015
Auto/Biography Summer Residential Conference - Formal and Informal education: lives, works and relationships
Dartington Hall, Devon, UK
12 December 2014
11-13 July 2014
20 December 2013
British Library, London, UK
11-13 July 2013
BSA Auto/Biography Study Group Summer Conference: Picturing the Self and Identity:Images of Auto/Biography - Programme
La Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain

14 December 2012
BSA Auto/Biography Study Group Christmas Conference:  Fragments of Auto/Biography - Abstracts
The British Library Conference Centre, London, UK 

12-14 July 2012
XXIst Auto/Biography Summer Conference 2012: “Heroes, fools & villains”
University of Reading, UK - Download the Abstract Book

16 December 2011
One-Day Christmas Conference of the BSA Auto/Biography Study Group: Celebrity
The British Library, London, UK

7-9 July 2011
XXth Auto/Biography Summer Conference 2011: “Hidden Lives”
University of Reading, UK

14 December 2010
BSA Auto/Biography Study Group Conference: Feminism and Lives
British Library, London, UK 

8-10 July 2010
XIXth Auto/Biography Summer Conference: Legacies
University of Leicester, UK

15 December 2009 
BSA Auto/Biography Study Group One-Day Conference: Dress and Undress - Download the Abstracts
The British Library, London, UK

9-11 July 2009
BSA Auto/Biography Study Group: XVIIIth Auto/Biography Summer Conference 2009 - Conference Theme: Documenting Realities
University of Leicester, UK

10-12 July 2008
BSA Auto/Biography Study Group – Annual Residential Conference:  secrets, gaps and absences in auto/biography
University of Leicester, UK

18 December 2008
BSA Auto/Biography Study Group – Day Conference:  Dress and Auto/Biography
Institute of Education, London, UK