Forthcoming Events

The BSA’s Digital Sociology Study Group is hosting a series of discussions with leading authors in digital sociology. These are free and open to everyone. Authors will give a summary of their book’s insights followed by a conversation with one of our team about their work, concluding with questions from the audience.

16 November 2020 19.00–20.00 GMT

Mark Carrigan talking to Neil Selwyn about his synthesis of digital sociology and the sociology of education.

24th of November from 13.00–14.00 GMT 

Sheena MacRae will be in conversation with Elinor Carmi about her book Media Distortions, which even comes with its own playlist.

3rd of December 2020 9.00–10.00 GMT

Katrin Tiidenberg & Emily van der Nagel will discuss their new book
Sex and Social Media with Harry Dyer


15 July 2020 (13.00-13.45) 

Designing the Social: Unpacking Social Media Design and Identity. Q&A with Harry Dyer Lecturer in Education at the University of East Anglia

17 July 2019 (13:00–17:30)
Digital Sociology: Who we are and what we are for - A BSA Digital Sociology Study Group Event
BSA London Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK 

9 January 2017 (1-4pm)
An Introduction to NodeXL for Social Scientists
Leslie Silver Building G28, Leeds Beckett University, UK

7 December 2016
Digital Sociology v STS (a joint Digital Sociology Study Group and STS Study Group Event)
The Oxford Internet Institute 1st Giles Oxford, OX1 3JS, UK

4 July 2016
BSA Digital Sociology and MedSoc Yorkshire Groups: Digital Health/Digital Capitalism One Day Conference
Leeds Beckett University, UK