Scottish Sociology Study Group

The Scottish Studies Group was relaunched in October 2009. This study group is a forum through which researchers investigating issues relating to Scotland, its people and communities, culture and society, economy and politics within the 21st century can come together. We hope to consolidate research on Scottish society and politics in a changing global world, exploring what the global climate means in this local context and what tools we can use to explore this.

Interested in Scottish Sociology?

The BSA Scottish Studies Group is in need of new convenors who can take the Group forward.

Scottish sociology includes a broad range of interests, topics and study areas and one of the challenges for this Study Group is to find and exploit the common themes that bring diverse Scottish sociologists (and students of sociology in Scotland) together. Is there anything distinctive about sociology in Scotland, or in the way sociology is practiced north of the border (with England)? Do Scottish sociologists approach their research in the same way as British or English sociologists? Or should Scottish sociology focus on the identity of Scotland, and how it is changing?

If you are interested in joining the current convenors, or would like to create a new team, then please contact Liz Dinnie by Friday, 3 March 2017 to discuss further.