BSA Strategy

Strategy chart image

Core Values and Objectives

1. Promote sociology

  • Promote sociology as an academic discipline that aims to improve understanding of society and social processes through research, teaching and public engagement.
  • Encourage sociologists to take part in debates and make an impact on important societal issues, where appropriate.
  • Provide a strong and well-respected voice at relevant major policy and funding platforms in the UK.
  • Offer an effective and regular presence in the conventional media, in social media, and through an effective website, full of useful and current resources.
  • Develop strong and collaborative working partnerships with cognate national and international organizations and associations.

2. Support sociologists

  • Be the natural home of researchers and teachers of sociology in the UK and the first port of call for anyone seeking advice or information about sociology in the UK.
  • Provide information about the discipline of sociology in the UK and useful and current resources for both members and external users.
  • Offer a broad programme of events, including high-profile public events.
  • Strengthen links with schools and colleges and sociologists outside of academia.
  • Support sociologists at all stages of the career spectrum (with particular focus on early careers in the period 2017-2019).

3. Sustain the British Sociological Association

  • Act as the UK’s national subject association for the discipline of sociology.
  • Develop the range and quality of publications.
  • Diversify financial resources.
  • Maintain effective, stable and motivated staff, trustees and volunteers.

Strategic priorities 2017-2019

  • Increase number of academic sociologists in membership
  • Increase number of Heads and Professors of Sociology in membership
  • Broaden membership base further beyond academia
  • Develop and implement database of sociologists to champion sociology
  • Develop regional mentoring cafes for early career researchers
  • Develop and implement strategy to address diversity within BSA
  • Develop public engagement initiatives including social media
  • Develop the journals
  • Explore property purchase to house the BSA office
  • Promote and facilitate legacies and donations