Early Career Forum Regional Event Funding

Launched in 2009, the BSA Early Career Forum (ECF) recognises the distinct set of challenges facing early career sociologists in the current academic and employment climate and aims to provide support and assistance to meet the specific needs of this community.

Applications are closed.

We are looking for early career academics willing to co-ordinate with speakers and the BSA to organise a day event at the applicant’s institution. The BSA will provide up to £1,000 support for the event and registration rates should be £5 for BSA members to attend and £15 for non-members.  The grant can be used to pay for room hire, speakers, lunch and refreshments, please note alcohol cannot be purchased using BSA funds. Organisers are encouraged to seek a contribution from the host institution, such as free meeting room or a financial contribution to refreshments. The BSA Office will help promote and publicise the event through a number of outlets including flyers in membership packs, the BSA website and social media and member e-newsletters. 

Bids for the fund would need to provide a short justification and description of the proposed event, a budget, and an explanation as to how relevant for ECF members the proposed event is.  The fund is available only for events outside of London, to support networking and events across the country. Applications should be no more than 1,000 words. Please include your name, current position and years since awarded PhD or have been working.


Please note the following criteria are used to judge applications.

All applications will be considered by the Membership Services Directors and an Early Career Forum convenor.  A final decision is then made by the Trustees taking into consideration the feedback from the Early Career Forum convenor and based on the following selection criteria:

  • Breadth of appeal beyond the organising group
  • Centrality to sociological concerns
  • Quality of information provided
  • Geographical spread
  • Distinctiveness from previous events and institutions
  • Relevance to early career sociologists

For further information, please email the BSA Events Team.